The most recent version of Windows is Windows 11. There are numerous advantages to using an active version. To update the operating system and activate Windows, you will require a product key. An "Activate Windows" notice will constantly appear if you don't have a Windows operating system.

Things to Do Before Windows 11 Activation

Before gaining free access to Windows 11, one must get ready. Back up your data before activating Windows 11 if you have a legitimate product key; nevertheless, if you depend on third-party software, take note of the following points:

Important data should be backed up since many intricate Windows processes can compromise it. Use EaseUS Todo Backup to back up all of your data before activating Windows 11. It will protect the information and support you in an emergency.

Switch off your antivirus program because it may flag third-party apps like KMSPico as dangerous if you use them. To activate Windows, turn off your antivirus software or grant the app authorization.

Permits Windows Script Host Permissions: Make sure to enable any antivirus software that asks for this permission.


How to Get Free Windows 11 Permanent Activation: Activating Windows Online

A valid Windows 11 product key is always required. Even if there are free numerous keys available, purchasing your own is always preferable. Let's look at three ways to get Windows 11 for free on PCs.

Method 1: Use CMD to Freely Activate Windows 11 2. Use the Windows 10/8/7 Product Key
Method 2: To activate Windows 11. 3. Use KMSPico to Activate Windows 11 for Free
Method 3: Use CMD to Freely Activate Windows 11

Without the need for third-party programs, users can activate Windows 11 for free using Command Prompt. Let's look at how to use the command prompt to activate Windows.

  • Step 1. Click Start, type CMD, and launch the administrator mode of the command prompt.
  • Step 2. Type and run the command below after the CMD opens.
  • slmgr.vbs /upk
  • Step 3. To install the Windows 11 Product key, copy and run the commands listed below.
  • zh.us.to slmgr /ato slmgr /ipk slmgr /skms
  • Step 4. Set up the program.
    You can now install the Windows software that you postponed earlier. Click the downloaded file to begin the software installation.

It should be noted that in order to permanently activate Windows OS, a user must always purchase the genuine Windows 11 product key. Take the free Windows 11 product keys from reliable sources even if you use them online to prevent copyright violations in the future.

How to Activate Office 2019 with KMSpico

Windows 11 can be permanently activated for free using genuine Windows product keys. This is legitimate and doesn't require getting product keys from other people. It functions similarly to updating Windows OS because the product keys are included with Windows. You can upgrade to Windows 11 or install it if your computer is a legitimate copy of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7.

  • Step 1. Locate the Windows product key on the defunct computer. Suppose you own a product key for Windows 10. To verify the Product ID, navigate to Settings > System > About. Because you'll need it to activate Windows 11, make a note of it somewhere.
  • Step 2. In order to utilize the product key on the second PC, you must uninstall it from the old one. Use the command slmgr /upk in CMD with administrator capabilities to remove the product key.
  • Step 3. Let's learn how to use the Win 10/8/7 product key on the new PC to get a free Windows activation.

Select the Change product key option after navigating to the Activation status in Settings. After that, enter the product key to get a free Windows 11 activation.

Await the conclusion of the Windows 11 activation process. When Windows 11 is ready to use on your computer, you can get a notification saying that Windows is active.

Method 3: Use KMSPico to Freely Activate Windows 11

A trustworthy Windows 11 activator that works on any PC to activate various Windows versions is KMSPicon portable. Customers can use Windows keys to simultaneously activate several PCs by using KMSPico, which mimics the Microsoft server KMS. The application configures the activation with a fake activation and changes the internal Windows Office code. See below for instructions on using KMSPico to permanently activate Windows 11:

  • Step 1. First, get KMSPico only from the official website.
  • Step 2. Run the KMSPico file as an administrator when the installation prompt pops up on the screen after downloading it.
  • Step 3. Turn off Windows Security's firewall. Disable the real-time protection by opening Virus & Threat Protection from the Settings.
  • Step 4. Select Manage Settings from the menu and disable Real-time protection. Disable any additional antivirus software you may be using. It will stop the activation procedure if it doesn't.
  • Step 5. Open the application and press the Red button. There will be a notification voice that confirms the procedure.
  • Step 6. After the activation process is finished, restart the computer.